When it comes to the quality of its craft beer, Pennsylvania ranks eighth in the nation, according to Thrillist, with Philadelphia’s own Yards Brewing Co. and Victory Brewing Co. getting special mentions.

Here’s what Thrillist had to say about Pennsylvania’s breweries:

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The Thrillest writers said they spent weeks on the project, putting more emphasis on quality than quantity.

The state’s ranking comes at a time when Philly’s craft beer scene is steadily climbing in popularity among Philadelphians. Its popularity has risen so much that Beer Camp Across America, the nationwide beer festival where 76 of the region’s brewers sampled their offerings, was held in earlier this month. It was only one of seven cities in the United States to hold the festival. (See photo gallery).

“Many factors are driving the long, accelerating growth trend of craft beer, but I’d place America’s new-found taste for foods of flavor and integrity as the underlying foundation to this renaissance of artisanal brewing,” Bill Covaleski, co-founder of Victory, said earlier.